Cooking Class w/ Tudie

This past weekend, DBR & I went to one of my favorite spots in Phoenix, the Phoenix Public Market. They are hosting the Summer Chef Series, which is put on by Local First Arizona and Devour! Our star chef of the day was owner Tudie of D'licious Dishes.  We cooked up a mean meal!

 The tables had the most beautiful local flowers!

 Popcorn Crawfish Salad w/ Honey Chipotle Vinaigarette

Achiote Grilled Chicken Breast & Cucumber Melon Salsa (aka salad)

Vanilla Crepes filled with Crow's Dairy Butter-Pecan Goat Cheese topped with Carmel Sauce

Here are a couple of the standout recipes from the class! 


Thinker: Dinner Party Guests

If you were to host a dinner party, who would you invite? (living)

Characteristics of my possible guests should possess are captivating stories, some sort of unique talent which = I would learn something from them. After thinking about this long and hard, I came up with a handful, of some of the most interesting people around:

  1. Alice Waters  (Chef & the mother of fresh/ local food movement)
  2. Mia Michaels (Dancer & Choreographer)
  3. Al Green (Singer)
  4. Keith Johnson (Global shopper)
  5. Bill Cunningham (fashion photographer)
  6. The Morning Benders : Chris Chu, Jon Chu, Julian Harmon & Tim Or (Band)
  7. Brad Goreski (stylist)
  8. Carsten Peter (National Geographic photographer)
  9. Kristi Yamaguchi (Olympian, My hero!)
  10. Andy Spade (designer, total genius) 


Party Poster, Ep. 14

Not entirely sure if there is anything as aesthetically tingling as some well done letterpress. This poster, by Christine Park, is simple and memorable. I'm in letterpress overdrive because I am about to get some sweet sweet business cards designed by the lovey local ladies at Seesaw Designs.

Kinfolk on My Mind

Has everyone checked out the premiere issue, of the latest & greatest magazine to hit the web? Kinfolk, "a guide to small gatherings," is a beautiful marriage of simplicity, loved ones, and quality. This is a true testament that surrounding yourself with loved ones and serving quality ingredients can create the the most beautiful uncontrived setting. The first volume went live on the 15th of this month. If you are a design enthusiast, this does not disappoint! Be sure to check it out of you've got the hump day blues or just want to be truly inspired by something new.

Kinfolk from VsTheBrain on Vimeo.

Here's a recipe featured in the first issue...

ribboned asparagus salad from tiger in a jar on Vimeo.


Product Round-Up: Dior Creme de Rose Lip Balm

This stuff is no joke. Last week, I dedicated a solid 45 minutes testing out the perfect (for me) lip product. After trying many sticky, flaky, thick products, I found this...Dior Creme de Rose Lip Balm. After applying, my lips felt smooth, soothed and oh so silky. Plus, they smelled faintly of rose petals. Pure bliss!
I was so excited about my latest purchase, I brought it with me out that very night, to show my beauty addict friend! She told me she saw it on Into The Gloss earlier that week, which made me even happier! Obviously someone else likes this product if it was featured on their blog! Hip Hip Hooray for the little things in life.


Party Poster, Ep. 13

How sweet and simple Eleanor's work is.  Just Eleanor is a total genius! Some of her work gives off a Charley Harper vibe. You must check out some of her work via website & etsy store


Party Poster, Ep. 12

Alexander & Co. are completely dedicated to making  posters that look like a vintage poster, that may already be hanging in your house...Baby, weddings, etc...


Effective Informative Graphic Design Video: Anatomy of a Computer Virus

 DBR showed this to me, last weekend. He found it while catching up on his daily reads on Gizmodo.  If you've never been to the site, especially if you're a guy, you are TOTALLY MISSING OUT!

This video is loaded with information, yet I never felt like I was being overwhelmed with knowledge, I wasn't able to absorb. This video is the perfect example of the marriage between informative & aesthetically pleasing. If only we integrated this type of teaching into school curriculum... Now, that's what I call cutting edge!

Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus from Patrick Clair on Vimeo.


Simple Dessert: Dark Chocolate dipped Cherries

YUM! DBR & I wanted something light and sweet for dessert, for the 4th. We decided to do dark chocolate dipped cherries and boy were they good! The recipe is as followed:

1 bag of cherries
3 bars of dark chocolate

Wash the cherries & pat dry. Bring water to a boil. Place bowl (i.e. stainless steel or glass) on top of sauce pan with boiling water underneath. Break up chocolate and place in bowl. Stir melted chocolate with a spatula. Dip cherries in chocolate. Place on a piece of parchment paper, in a flat hard surface (I used a casserole dish) and put in refrigerator for a minimum of 10 minutes.

We just left them in there until we were ready to eat them, after dinner. This is beyond easy and SO DELICIOUS! I forgot how well chocolate melts over boiling water too.

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