Loft Lusting Over Delfin-Postigo's Home

There is something about white spaces...Maybe it's that the furniture pops?! I certainly wouldn't mind stopping by this pad. Maybe next time in Madrid, I'll ring the doorbell.

  You can actually see more photos of this space at yellowtrace.

Happy Friday


Party Poster, Ep. 2

So what do you think about this poster invite?? The lovely Anna Bond of Rifle cranked this baby out and if I had been invited to these nuptials, I would have this up in my house, stat!  


Beetle Mania

I found this dynamic duo, that call themselves The Lindström Effect, while browsing Studio Sweet Studio .  They've created this AWESOME series of beetle prints, entitled, "Entomological Studies" which can be purchase through their  bigcartel store.  Each insect is its own picture. I have this fascination with botanical prints and insect prints and these little guys are winners!  Maybe you need one...or two?
This also made me think of these incredible belts / jewelry, which were made & featured on Atlantis Home several times last year....

Photo Source

Although I would never be able to pull off this Bolongaro Trevor number, I immediately thought of it to tie in the theme with the other two items. But if you feel you could pull this off, you can find this dress at House of Fraser.

Photo Source

Guest Post By Ron: Shaving Like a Man

A warm welcome to all who go on ME and MI! My name is Ronald and Misha has asked me to make a surprise guest appearance from time to time to please the "man" crowd. And what's more manlier than our daily ritual of shaving (or undaily ritual for some). The winter season has come and gone, so that winter's beard of your has to go too. For you women out there, stick this article in your man's face and tell him to give it a good read. I know that the last thing you women want is to get pricked by the hairs of your man when kissing him on the cheek because he hates shaving. Well, men, use these tips to take the pain out of shaving and reward yourself with a smooth cheek worthy of a kiss that even Kesha would enjoy.

Step 1: First things first. Shave in a hot shower! Buy yourself an anti-fog shower mirror. Why? The steam from the shower opens up your pores and soften the whiskers. The softer the hair, the easier it is to shave without irritation. Which leads me to my next tip. When shaving in the shower, make it the final thing you do before getting out. You expose your skin longer in the steam, and soften up your whiskers as much as possible.


Dreamboat Ron is Guest Posting Tomorrow!

Ladies and Gents! I am so very excited to announce that tomorrow will be the first guest post by my dreamboat of a boyfriend Ron! He's going to be talking about something manly and you'll just have to stay tuned to find out what it's about! 

By the way...This photo was taken by the GREAT Sean Flanigan

Seven Henrietta Street

I know, I know...You've probably already seen this but I told myself months ago, I would post this because the colors are SO incredible and I love me some Kate Spade! What a great way to kick off the week!


Earth Day!

Did I forget to mention it's Earth Day?! Well I probably forgot because I think everyday is Earth Day. 
Last night some of the lovely people of Local First Arizona went to Roosevelt Growhouse to help harvest veggies for Cibo, St. Francis, Maizie's Cafe, Beckett's Table & The Parlor, who will all be serving these delectable treats today!
I would also like to share one of the most majestic photos from one of my favorite National Geographic photographers, Carsten Peter. This happens to be a REAL CAVE in Mexico!
*Photo Source

Happy Friday

 I have been completely obsessed with Patrick Blanc's vertical garden work for years and just last year when I was in London, I had the opportunity to see it first hand. It was so gorgeous! I thought I'd share a photo of his work.  Have a fabulous weekend!
*Photo Source


Levi's X Opening Ceremony Video

Opening Ceremony sure knows how to collaborate, all the way to the finish line. I'm pretty sure they are partially responsible for making collaborations such a massive trend. Such a cute website too.

Levi's® Chambray by Opening Ceremony from DANIELS on Vimeo.


Party Poster, Ep. 1

This is probably one of the nicest wedding invite posters I've ever seen!

Photo Source


Frida On My Mind

Frida Kahlo has mesmerized me since the 3rd grade...No joke, I was shown a picture of her in art class and was told to paint a portrait. It was always one of my favorite pieces I've ever created, so when I came across this wonderful print of Frida last week, I knew she had to be mine! Judy is quite talented and this is my homage to her print.
  [Photo Source / 1. chair  2. lanterns  3. picture frame  4. pillow  5. side table  6. sofa]



Welcome to ME & MI! As recent grad from The Adventure School, I decided it was time to bring innovation, through events, to Arizona! This is going to be fun, so stay tuned!
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