Underwater Tango

This shoot by Katerina Bodrunova is so beautiful. It reminds me of how beauty is in everything.


Party Poster, Ep. 6

As soon as I saw this, I knew it was for a KEXP kids party. Some of the best, in the PNW!

Photo Source


Squirrel Around

Yennie loves squirrels. Because I hold her near and dear to my heart, I have decided to dedicated a post to her favorite animal. This one's for you!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10


Happy Friday

I had this photo saved on my computer and was determined to find the source before I used it in a post! A total challenge but after many hours of aimlessly typing things in google search, I found it! This was a sheer fluke.  Nonetheless, A TOTAL VICTORY!

Photo Source


Janie Taylor for Chloe

Did anyone else just fall in love with this video? Her movements are so fluid and elegant... This one is via Nowness.

Party Poster, Ep. 5

Loving this sweet poster by Power + Light, who happens to be traveling across the country in a "mobile print shop!" Might just be the coolest thing...ever. 


574: Classic Is New Video

Two videos, one week? You bet! Leave it up to the Koreans to create this awesome video for New Balance classic 574 sneakers... This one's for the sneaker lovers!

574 - Classic is New from dee on Vimeo.


Party Poster, Ep. 4

It may not be a wedding, but it is a "PARTY" poster! This was done by those creative folks over at Yee-Haw Industries. Did I mention they have an etsy shop?


Future Office Inspiration

In 2007, I vividly remember cracking open the latest Home & Garden and this beautiful photo of Chloe Sevigny apartment jumped out at me. The  foyer walls were covered in this fabulous Kelly Wearstler Imperial Trellis wallpaper and I instantly fell in love.
Just this last month (and four years after I first laid eyes on that wallpaper), I fell in love again.  But only this time with these gorgeous Robert Abbey Delta lamps (see below for link) in Rue.  So I combined the newbie item with my forever favorite elements and POOF! Out came this cohesive space that would be the perfect office!



1961 Russian Stamp Inspiration

Here is an excellent example of two different things I've archived and I finally have a purpose to feature them, together! First we have a Russian stamp from 1961 and a JF & Son top was something I first saw after Bri posted it last year. I have been in love with both ever since I came across them and then I found these AWESOME Loeffler Randall shoes...Total dream these two items are together!

Photo Source / Blouse, Shoes


Mother's Day

Don't forget...Mother's Day is this weekend! Happy Friday!

Photo Source 

Pinterest Ponytails

For the past few months, I have been completely obsessed with pinning! Here is my ode to ponytails...

 *All photos can be found HERE!


MOVE : Rachel Roy Spring Video

Maybe I'm a little biased because I use to be a dancer, but I'm loving how designers are making videos to now feature their upcoming lines AND that they are utilizing all different kinds of creatives! Song. Style. Movement...Does it get any better?


Party Poster, Ep. 3

This is another great wedding poster done by Mike Dornseif. Aren't graphic designers the coolest?! Without them, we wouldn't have anything (man made) to look at!

Photo Source


Pipe Shelving Unit

I'm quite surprised that only two people in the blog-o-sphere have attempted to re-create the pipe shelving unit, seen at the Ace Palm Springs...Maybe there are more people out there, that just haven't posted their photos? I can only hope. For full instructions on how to re-create, go visit Morgan at The Brick House.
Photo Source: 1, 2, 3


Into The Night Inspiration

I just love this photo and it inspired me to create an outfit with the color palette, fit for an outside occasion like this...

 Top, Ring, Pants, Shoes 
*I unfortunately closed the tab with the original photo source, so if you know who took this photo, please let me know!
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