Thinker: Dinner Party Guests

If you were to host a dinner party, who would you invite? (living)

Characteristics of my possible guests should possess are captivating stories, some sort of unique talent which = I would learn something from them. After thinking about this long and hard, I came up with a handful, of some of the most interesting people around:

  1. Alice Waters  (Chef & the mother of fresh/ local food movement)
  2. Mia Michaels (Dancer & Choreographer)
  3. Al Green (Singer)
  4. Keith Johnson (Global shopper)
  5. Bill Cunningham (fashion photographer)
  6. The Morning Benders : Chris Chu, Jon Chu, Julian Harmon & Tim Or (Band)
  7. Brad Goreski (stylist)
  8. Carsten Peter (National Geographic photographer)
  9. Kristi Yamaguchi (Olympian, My hero!)
  10. Andy Spade (designer, total genius) 

 Alice Waters in every interview I've seen or read has just this whimsy disposition but is a serious visionary. She has one of the World's most famous restaurants, Chez Panisse, a charity, The Edible Schoolyard and she is the original locavore!

Mia Michaels' choreography would blow anyone away. She inspires me!

Al Green?! Who doesn't love a little moody music! He's definitely invited because he might bust out into song!

Keith Johnson shops INTERNATIONALLY for a living, okay? That's down right cool! Plus, I can watch his fittingly titled show, Man Shops Globe, on Sundance Channel

Bill Cunningham is just a man who rides around NYC and snaps photos of the most fashionable people. Not just famous but the stylish, on the street. He is a permanent fixture in the New York Times and in American Fashion. I have yet seen his documentary...

The Morning Benders must attend because in the last year, I have listened to their album more than any other album. I would request them to jam, post dinner.

Brad Goreski has great style and is a total cutie! He could give me some fashion tips.

Carsten Peter  is my FAVORITE National Geographic photographer. He has been to the most interesting places in the world, and snapped some shots. This guy is bound to have envious stories!

Kristi Yamaguchi has been my idol since the beginning of time (my time). She has to be at my dinner party!

Last but not least, Andy Spade is a design GENIUS! He created the men's company, Jack Spade and created the firm Partners & Spade. Plus, he's married to Kate Spade so I'm guessing she would make an appearance too!

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