Happy Friday

Once I saw the original book cover design by Aled Lewis for The Great Gatsby, I couldn't resist making a happy friday! Cheers!

Original Image: Here!


Sample Sale: Eva Franco

To all my lovelies in LA:

In case you haven't already heard, Eva Franco is having a fall sample sale this Friday, 23rd, from Noon to 8pm & Saturday, 24th, from 11am-6pm! It will be held at their downtown LA studio. If I was there, I'd go!

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An Office Fit for a MAN

DBR & I watched Man Caves the other night and I couldn't help but think that most "man spaces" could aesthetically use a woman's touch (men with any sort of affiliation to design not included in this generalization). With that in mind, I've created an office fit for a man!

#001, #002, #003, #004, #005, #006, #007



Erica Tanov: Ireland Collection Video

This is a beautiful little video for Erica Tanov clothing. The name might look familiar because in Monday's post there was a photo of the stores gold scale wall! Let's just say it's Ah-mazing.

erica tanov - ireland from Erica Shires on Vimeo.


Party Poster, Ep. 21

Not entirely sure who made this but I got a little ping of Seattle nostalgia when I saw this! 

Photo Source


Ok...I'm ready.

Enough is enough! I'm ready to bust out the fall attire! After all, fall is my FAV!


Happy Friday

Jane Fonda has officially rocked this Stella McCartney number in a shoot for Harper's Bazaar!! To all my fashionistas, Happy Fashion Week Friday!

Photo credit: Paola Kudacki


Party Poster, Ep. 20

Done by Rudi de Wet, this was certainly a labor of love. Although I wouldn't pick this for myself, it's definitely something to appreciate. Right?!

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