Ode to My Seattle Pad

I really miss my little Seattle nest. I did SO MUCH to that place! People told me not to bother, but that's so not like me!  When I started decorating this place, I went for the total opposite of what I normally go for. Ultimately, it became a bright sangria inspiration.

Some of the things I did, on my own:
  • Painted ALL WALLS! (most white & some golden yellow)
  • Painted the lattice pattern on the inside of the front door & walk-in closet door
  • Sanded & Painted all the kitchen cabinets white (you wouldn't even BELIEVE what these looked like before)
  • Sanded & Painted dining room table & chairs (+ gradient on the inside bars) 
  • Added all sorts of different pieces from my new Seattle friends.
Because many of my friends and family never had the opportunity to come and visit, I thought I'd share some of the "after" photos from the face lift.

1 comment:

  1. Wow you did an amazing job! I would def miss this place too!


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