The Luckiest Girl!

I had an AMAZING weekend! It's hard to believe Dreamboat Ron could get extra dreamy but he managed this feat, when he gave me the ultimate (early) anniversary present...a beautiful bicycle. And  not just any bicycle, a 50 year old (+/-) vintage Schwinn AND it came with a dual wire back basket! Of course, I was so jazzed, we raced home and DBR offered to help me clean it up! After dinner, which he also made, we took a little night ride. This guy is seriously knows how to make a girl swoon!
Yesterday morning, we went out for a nice ride to Coffee Plantation. I'm in heaven.  

I am so excited to add some extra touches, to make this lovely bike (even more of) a show stopper.  Here's what I'm thinking... Some thin Brooks handles & a matching Brooks seat.


  1. aww how cute =). early congrats on your three years! =)

  2. CUTE! I love DBR and you! and that BIKE!

  3. Love! My lil bro has some good taste! :)


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